SPNHC97 meeting announcement

Wed Mar 12 09:46:36 CST 1997

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                       1997 ANNUAL MEETING


The 12th annual meeting of the Society for the Preservation of
Natural History Collections (SPNHC) will be hosted by The Natural
History Museums Council at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from
8-11 July 1997.  The meetings will be held in the Wisconsin
Memorial Union Theater and Main Lounge.  Everyone is encouraged to
submit papers and posters dealing with all aspects of museum
science and management.  Information on registration (including a
registration form), field trips, social events, a tentative program
schedule, accommodations, travel, abstract instruction and other
miscellaneous information follows.


     Registration received before April 30, 1997 will cost
$60.00(U.S.) for SPNHC members and $65.00 (U.S.) for non-members.
Fees are listed on the registration form for early and late
registration, for members and non-members.  Registration fee
includes conference materials, break refreshments and the
Icebreaker Reception.

Workshop: Museum Management Training.
     The workshop titled "Quality Management - Quality Collections
Care" will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, on the 12th and 13th of
July 1997.  The workshop is supported in part by the Institute of
Museum Services.  Registration information follows.

     A full program refund will be given if notification of
cancellation is received by May 15, 1997.  Sorry, no refunds for
side trip cancellations by participants.  A full trip refund will
be given if the trips are cancelled.

     All costs are listed in U.S. dollars in the announcement and
the registration form.  Credit card payment is encouraged.  Your
bank will make the appropriate currency conversion.  Please make
checks (must be in $U.S.) payable to: U.W.-Madison.

     If an email address is provided (this is encouraged),
confirmation will be sent by email, and the registration receipt
will be in your registration package.  Otherwise, registration
receipts will be mailed for registration received by June 1.

TENTATIVE PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Oral Presentations and Posters
     Abstracts are required for both oral presentations and
posters.  The normal time allowed for oral presentations is 15
minutes including time for questions and discussion.  Posters must
fit a space 3ft wide by 4 ft high.  Please follow the instructions
for submitting an abstract.  The deadline for abstracts is April
30, 1997.

Tuesday, 8 July 1997
8:00am - 5:00pm     Registration
8:00am - 5:00pm     Selected Committee Meetings

Wednesday, 9 July 1997
9:00am - 4:00pm     Registration
                    All day field trips
9:00am - 12:00pm    Collections Open House
12:00 - 2:00pm      Lunch
2:00 - 6:00pm       First Council Meeting (Memorial Union Theater)
2:00 - 5:00pm       Collections Open House
7:00 - 10:00pm      Icebreaker (Tripp Hall/ Memorial Union)

Thursday, 10 July 1997
8:30 - 4:00pm       Registration
8:45 - 5:00pm       President's opening remarks (Memorial Union
9:00 - 10:00am      Welcome and oral presentations
10:00 - 10:30am     Coffee Break, posters, vendors
10:30 - 12:00am     Papers, Keynote Addresses: Dr Hugh Iltis, Dir.
                    Wisconsin State Herbarium.  Hugh Genoways,
                    Professor, Univ. Nebraska State Museum
12:00 - 2:00pm      Lunch
2:00 -  3:30pm      Papers
3:30 - 4:00pm       Coffee Break, posters, vendors
4:00 - 5:00pm       Papers
7:00 - 11:00pm      Banquet & Dance (Great Hall/ Memorial Union)

Friday, 11 July 1997
8:30 - 12:00pm      Registration
9:00 - 5:00 pm      Program
9:00 - 10:00am      Papers
10:00 - 10:20am     Coffee Break, posters, vendors
10:20 - 12:00am     Papers
12:00 - 2:00pm      Lunch
2:00 -  3:30pm      Papers, Annual General Business Meeting
3:30 - 4:00pm       Coffee Break, posters, vendors
4:00 - 5:00pm       Papers, President's closing remarks
5:00 - 6:30pm       Final Meeting of the Council

Saturday, 12 July and Sunday, 13 July 1997
                    Museum Management Workshop

FIELD TRIPS (dependent on and limited to 47 registrants by March
15, 1997).

Taliesin - Shining Brow:

The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Spring Green, WI.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin is a National Historic Landmark
property and contains structures designed over seven decades.
Together they reflect the totality of Wright's work and help
explain why he cast such a long shadow in 20th century art and
architecture.  The trip includes charter coach service, a 90 minute
tour of the Hillside Studio and Theater and lunch at the visitor
center river-view cafe.  A walk through Hillside is a walk through
Wright's developing thought, from his first experiment in "breaking
the box" to the embodiment of his dictum, "form and function are
one," in the 5,000 square foot drafting studio.

Cost: $30.00 Leaving the Memorial Union 8:30AM returning to Madison

Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM):

"Butterflies Alive!" in the Steigleder Special Exhibits
Gallery of the MPM.  Its centerpiece will be a 1,000 sq. ft.
walk-through Butterfly Garden, featuring hundreds of live North
American butterflies.  Surrounding the Garden will be displays on
a variety of topics, from "butterfly basics" like how to tell a
butterfly from a moth, to conservation issues including current
research by MPM staff on endangered species.  The exhibit will also
showcase rarely displayed butterflies and moths from the Museum's
outstanding worldwide Lepidoptera collection.  The MPM has waived
the admission fee for SPNHC members.

Cost: $16.00 (Includes: transportation only).  The MPM does have a
cafe where light lunches are served.  If you choose this trip,
there will be a Milwaukee visitor planner with useful dining
information in your conference packet. Leaving the Memorial Union
9:00AM returning to Madison 6:00PM

     There will be a Madison Visitors Guide in your conference
packet for other ideas such as conference sailing from the Memorial
Union and free tickets to "Whadya know" National Public Radio
program with Michael Feldman.

Icebreaker Tripp Hall - Wednesday, July 9, included in registration
Banquet & Dance - Friday, July 10, Music and Motion, ample informal
socializing space available for socializing and networking.

ACCOMMODATIONS (Madison campus area)
Blocks of rooms are reserved at the following locations. Be sure to
mention you are with the SPNHC Conference to receive the conference
rate. The room blocks will be held until June 6, 1997.

University Housing Office, Slicter Hall, 625 Babcock Dr., 53706
     single air-conditioned room no more than $34.00
     double air-conditioned room no more than $21.50/person
     Dorm complexes are three blocks from Memorial Union

University Inn, 441 N. Frances Street, 53703
     Spacious rooms, free continental breakfast, free cable tv,
     free parking,  single $58.00, double $68.00
     Three blocks from Memorial Union

Inn on the Park, 22 S. Carroll, 53703
     single $84.00, double $98.00
     Located across the street from the state capitol building.
     About six blocks from Memorial Union.
     On the Madison Metro Bus lines.

Inntowner The - Best Western, 2424 University Ave., 53705
     (608)233-8778 for information
     (608)258-8321 for reservations
     Complementary shuttle from airport to hotel arranged at time
     of reservation.  Shuttle service is also available to campus.
     single $75.00, double $72.00

Howard Johnson, 525 W. Johnson, 53703
     On campus location.  Complementary shuttle from airport
     arranged at time of reservation.  Six blocks from Memorial
     Union.  single $82.00, double $92.00
     *Mention confirmation number P52001

Ivy Inn, 2355 University Ave., 53706
     Complementary shuttle service from Ivy Inn to any building on
     the UW campus. Non-smoking rooms available.
     single/one person per room $58.00
     double/ 2 people per room $65.00

     Serving Madison Metropolitan Airport: Northwest, Midwest
Express, American Airlines (turboprop shuttle service from Chicago)
and United Airlines.
     Taxi from Airport to Memorial Union (central campus location)
should run no more than $10.00.
     Several hotels run complementary shuttles to the airport
(listd above).  Madison Metro Bus does not have service to the

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SPNHC'97 Registration Form





Name to appear on your badge:_______________________________

Business phone:_____________________________________________

Home phone:_________________________________________________

FAX number:_________________________________________________


Do you prefer email or postal service
                         (circle one) email  postal service

Registration Fees: (sorry, U.S. funds only)

SPNHC Annual Meeting               $USA           $TOTAL
  Members Early registration       $60.00         ______
     (before April 30,1997)
  Members Late registration        $65.00         ______

  Non-member Early Registration    $65.00         ______
     (before April 30, 1997)
  Non-member Late Registration     $70.00         ______

Banquet                            $35.00         ______

Souvenirs (featuring the cover logo)
  Mug (black logo on wheat mug)    __@ $6.75ea    ______
  T-shirt (M, L, XL)               __@ $10.00ea   ______
     (forest green logo on light green shirt)

Taliesin Trip  __@$30.00/ person                  ______

Milwaukee Public Museum Trip  __@$16.00/ person   ______

Total Enclosed (check or money order)             ______

Please charge the following account:
_________VISA___________Master Card  Mail or FAX registrations to:
Credit Card Number_________________     CALS Outreach Services
Expiration Date____________________     SPNHC97 Conference
Name on Card_______________________     620 Babcock Drive
Signature__________________________     Madison, WI. 53706

Please help us plan this event by giving us the following
information.  I plan to attend:

Icebreaker Reception:(circle one)  yes  no

Committee Meetings: SPNHC is a member driven society.  Membership
participation in committees is sought.  You are encoouraged to get
involved.  (please circle the committee you are interested in):

 Archives  Awards/Recognition  Bylaws  Conference

Conservation  Documentation  Education/Training  Election  Finance

Membership  Publications  Resources  WCCR

Long Range Planning

Collection Visits: (select preference #1, #2 etc.).  Collections
open house will be on a drop in basis throughout the 9th of July.
Your response will enable us to anticipate our audience.

Zoology             ______
Herbarium           ______
Entomology          ______
Geology             ______
Historical Society  ______
Arboretum*          ______
Olbrich Gardens*    ______ ($1.00 conservatory admission charge,
                              garden admission free)
*There will be circular shuttle service from the Memorial Union to
the Arboretum, to Olbrich Gardens and back to the Union.  Shuttle
departure times will be 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm.

----------------------------CUT HERE--------------------------


SPNHC'97 Local Arrangements - Steven J. Krauth (phone:608-262-
0056; FAX:608-262-3322; email:krauth at entomology.wisc.edu)

Workshop - Beth Merritt (phone:513-345-8508; FAX:513-345-
8501; email:74437.462 at compuserve.com)

Registration - CALS Outreach Services (phone:608-263-1672; FAX:
(608)262-5088, email:leegot at macc.wisc.edu)


Dorm/ Residence bookings           by April 1, 1997
Conference Registration            by April 30, 1997
     (or late fee will apply)
Abstract submission                by April 30, 1997
Hotel bookings                     by June 6, 1997
Committee meetings                 July 8-9, 1997
Workshop                           July 12-13, 1997


     The abstract should include only essential details and
should state the main results or conclusions of the paper.
Phrases such as "will be discussed" and "are presented" are
inappropriate and should be avoided.  Please be sure your
abstract is clear, concise and error-free.  We will not second
guess the author(s) by attempting to correct errors in grammar,
spelling or content.

     Follow the format of the sample abstract provided below.
Limit the length of your abstract to 250 words.  Authors should
be listed before addresses, and addresses should be separated by
semicolons.  Link authors with addresses (using initials) to
avoid ambiguity only if necessary.  At the end of the file or
message indicate the following:

     1. Name of the author presenting paper or attending poster
     2. Daytime phone, FAX, and email numbers of presenting
     3. Oral presentation or poster
     4. Audio visual equipment required

The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is April 30, 1996.
Abstracts should be submitted preferably by e-mail in ACSII
format to: krauth at entomology.wisc.edu.  Please resubmit if
acknowledgement is not received within one week.  Preferred
formats for disks are:
     Word Perfect 5.1 or lower(DOS)
     Word Perfect 6.0 for Windows (will be converted)
     Word for Windows
     or straight ASCII

Send hard copy printout or computer disk (3.5 or 5.25 inch) to:

     SPNHC'97 Conference
     c/o Steven Krauth
     The Department of Entomology
     346 Russell Laboratories
     1630 Linden Drive
     Madison, WI 53706-1598


Computers: Collections Management and Beyond

Neuman, Andrew G. and Ann Konecny

Tyrell Museum of Paleontology, Box 7500 Drumheller, Alberta,
Canada T0J 0Y0; Department of Biological Sciences, The University
of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The major responsibility of any museum is to interpret and
communicate knowledge effectively.  In order to do this, a museum
must first have detailed and accurate information about the
objects in its collections.  In recent years a major move toward
computerization of documentation has increased the ability to
make information readily available, easily revised and updated as
well as cutting down on effort spent doing time consuming tasks
such as report writing and inventory.

Many computer systems are available, with varying degrees of
complexity and cost, that are capable of managing information
storage.  It is important for every museum to carefully evaluate
its needs and find the appropriate software and hardware to do
the job at the most reasonable cost.  This presentation will
summarize some of the steps that should be taken in choosing a
computer system for collection management, present several
systems currently in use in natural history collections and
present some innovative ways to enhance the effectiveness of your
collections management system.

1. A.G. Neumann
2. Phone: FAX: email:
3. oral presentation
4. 35mm slide projector, overhead projector


Quality Management - Quality Collections Care
A Management Training Workshop
12th Annual Meeting of SPNHC
July 12th and 13th, 1997
Madison, Wisconsin

Note: the workshop this year is limited to 30 participants,
accepted in the order in which registration checks are received.
Workshop registration should be sent to Julia Golden at the address
below, separate from the rest of your meeting registration

Why a management workshop?  SPNHC has presented over three dozen
workshops in the past decade, ranging from the specific
(preservation of herpetological specimens) to the general
(preventative conservation).  When we ask the membership to
evaluate these programs, we frequently hear a comment that goes
something like this: "it's all very well for me to know what I
ought to do, but I can't do it because...."  This is then typically
followed by a phrase such as "my boss won't listen to me"; "the
people who run this place just don't understand"; or "I don't have
the authority to do that". What we are hearing, in other words, is
that it is of limited use to present people with the correct
technical answers to their problems, if we cannot also help them
find the tools to implement these solutions.   With this in mind,
we have been investigating the possibility of offering a management
training course focused on improving the ability of collections
care staff to successfully implement projects at their
institutions.  The result is "Quality Management - Quality
Collections Care", which  will be offered on July 12th and 13th at
the 1997 SPNHC annual meeting in Madison, Wisconsin.   Our goal is
to improve the ability of workshop participants to successfully
implement collections care improvements at their institutions.

Is this only relevant to you if you are a "manager" in the sense
that you supervise other staff?  No.  We all have the experience of
trying to manage sideways in the organizational structure, or even
manage people up the chain of command.  This may seem harder than
managing subordinates because you can't "tell them what to do."  In
fact, the most effective project management techniques work in the
same manner whether they are used with people up, down or sideways
on the organizational chart.   They are precisely the tools you
need when dealing with staff who may be resistant to change, have
goals that they feel conflict with your goals, or have no incentive
to cooperate.

Because of the highly interactive nature of this workshop,
enrollment for the two day session will be limited to 30
participants. We will cover the basics of project management, as
well as exploring how to persuade key players to buy into a course
of action, and how to effectively communicate goals and needs to
other staff.  Participants will meet in a combination of group
lectures and discussions and smaller break-out sessions.  The
format will include group exercises as well as a take-home
assignment that will challenge participants to identify a project
in their institutions that they can plan and implement using
the methods they have learned in the workshop.

Workshop curriculum planning and presentation will be developed by
Mary Case and Will Phillips of the management consulting firm Qm2
(Quality Management - Quality Museums) in consultation with the
Education and Training Committee of SPNHC.  Qm2 has extensive
experience working with non-profits in general and museums in
particular.  Ms. Case was formerly Director of the Office of the
Registrar at the Smithsonian.  Her recent projects have included
"The Good, The Bad, the Director" for the Mid-Atlantic Association
of Museums, and "When Managers Collide" for the Texas Museums
Association.  Mr. Phillips has over twenty-five years of practical
experience in organizational problem solving and development.  He
provided AAM with management support for the New Visions Process,
and has worked with the Smithsonian, Canadian Museum of
Civilization, and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, to name
but a few of his museum clients.

Registration fee is $175 for the two day session, which includes
refreshments but not lunch.  The Education and Training Committee
is soliciting corporate sponsorship in order to be able to provide
a limited number of scholarships. Contact Beth Merritt at
(513)345-8508 (e-mail 74437.462 at compuserve.com) for further
information.  This project was supported in part by an award from
the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a Federal agency that
strengthens museums to benefit the public.

To register and reserve your place in the workshop, send a check
for $175 to: Julia Golden, SPNHC Treasurer, University of Iowa,
Department of Geology, Iowa City, Iowa  52242-1379.

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