seed exchange and phytosanitary certificate

Elaine Chittenden chitt at GNDS.MSU.EDU
Thu Mar 13 09:48:49 CST 1997

Dear Seed Exchange Participants and others interested:

What is your practise regarding obtaining phytosanitary certificates?

Right now our practise is if a phytosan is requested by the institution
ordering seed we will contact Michigan Department of Ag. to get an inspector
to issue one, otherwise we do not check into this.

We recently received a request from Canada for Pinus seed (from our Index
Seminum) and they notified us of their need for a phytosan. cert. to get the
Pinus through customs.  We pay for this (approx. $17.00 this time) and plan
to send the paid invoice to the recipient for reimbursement.

A USDA person suggested I consider reviewing this whole topic with a local
Michigan Dept. of Ag person to ascertain which countries might need a
phytosan. for which species. It sounds as though a Pandora's Box issue could
arise so I hope others can share their experiences with obtaining
phytosanitary certificates.  Whose responsibility is it to know whether or
not a phytosan. is required?  Is the above practise that Beal Garden uses
appropriate?  I think it is the responsibility of the requestor, any
comments would be most appreciated.

Elaine Chittenden        Email:chitt at
Collections Manager, W. J. Beal Botanical Garden
Grounds Maintenance, Michigan State University

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