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Jose Rodrigo Rojas rrojas at VALDIVIA.UCA.UACH.CL
Thu Mar 13 15:22:17 CST 1997


Let me introduce my self, Im Rodrigo Rojas I come from Costa Rica and now
carried some research about systematic and biogeographic relationships of
Serranids fishes from eastern chilean islands.
Actually I work in a description of a new species of Plectranthias  (Pisces:
Serranidae: Anthiinae) species.
I would appreciate if you can send me papers about biogeography of serranids
and taxonomic descriptions.
Keep in touch and take care,


                        Jose Rodrigo Rojas M.
                        Instituto de Zoologia
                    Universidad Austral de Chile
                    Casilla 567, Valdivia, Chile.
                        Fax: 56-63-221315
                    Tel. 56-63-213036 anexo 47.
                email rrojas at

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