Position at USNM

Linda L. Sims MNHEN003 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Fri Mar 14 08:27:46 CST 1997

                     DEPARTMENT OF ENTOMOLOGY
                     SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION

The Department of Entomology invites applications for the position of Superviso
ry Research
Entomologist to serve as Department Chair.  Candidates with any taxonomic and r
specialty may apply. Applicants must have a Ph.D. or equivalent experience with
background in entomology, systematics and evolutionary biology.  Preference wil
l be given to
those showing evidence of demonstrated administrative capabilities and a contin
commitment to a program of independent and collaborative research with associat
ed field and
laboratory work.  In addition to research, duties will include the improvement
and expansion
of collections, participation in museum activities, such as exhibits, education
, capital campaign
and involvement with professional associations and other organizations within t
he scientific
community. Federal Civil Service position.  Starting salary: $64,555 to $75,935
, depending
on qualifications.

For a complete application package, call (202) 287-3102 (24-hr autoline), press
 9 and request
Announcement Number 97R-1028.  Complete applications must be postmarked by Apri
l 15,
1997, and should include:  a current curriculum vitae; copies of selected publi
cations; a cover
letter addressing the selective and quality ranking factors which appear on the
and the names, addresses, and phone numbers of at least three references.  EEO/

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