Diplasium: A newly found fern genus name published in 1850

Sat Mar 15 21:26:00 CST 1997

I would appreciate help on the following fern name:

Diplasium C. Presl ex Payer, Bot. Crypt.: 198. 1850

The above name is not reported in ING and appears to have been unrecorded
elsewhere. There is a description, but I am unable to ascertain the identity
of the plant. I would appreciate opinions; such can be sent to me directly
at jr19 at umail.umd.edu. This does not seem to be Diphasium C. Presl ex
Rothm., Feddes Repert Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 54: 64. 1944, a member of

Jim Reveal (MARY)

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