Manzanita Project-Invitation to Photographers

Anne Marie Malley amalley at CAS.CALACADEMY.ORG
Mon Mar 17 09:14:18 CST 1997

              The Library Special Collections of the California
          Academy of Sciences invites photographers to contribute
          images to the Manzanita Project, a developing image bank of
          California plants and animals.  The California Academy of
          Sciences is a Natural History Museum, Aquarium and
          Planetarium in San Francisco, California.  Founded in 1853,
          The Academy houses eight scientific research departments
          which maintain extensive natural history collections of
          plants, animals and anthropological artifacts.

              Under the Academy Library, The Manzanita Project will
          establish a collection of California plant, animal and
          habitat images for use by researchers, educators,
          environmental resource managers, natural history
          enthusiasts, etc.  The Manzanita Project Image-Base will
          allow users to link a digitized image of a California plant
          or animal with information about the species' taxonomy,
          distribution and, where appropriate, animal sounds.

              An initial Project goal is an image bank
          consisting of rare, threatened and endangered California
          species.  The Project's long term vision is to develop a
          comprehensive visual library documenting the California
          plant and animal life, including aquatic life and
          non-vascular plants.

          For more information about The Manzanita Project and on how
          to donate images, contact:

          Beth Ryan
          California Academy of Sciences
          Golden Gate Park
          San Francisco, CA   94118
          Phone:  415/750-7361
          e-mail: BRYAN at

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