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Mon Mar 17 21:20:55 CST 1997

On Tue, 18 Mar 1997, Don Colless wrote:

>      Does anyone know a possible source of supply for small glass
> test-tube like tubes (we use them for storing dissected parts of
> insects): inner dimension 7.6 mm, outer 6.3 mm, height 25 mm. -
> or thereabouts. Sources in this country seem to have dried up
> completely.
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Sounds like what you are after is known in bacteriology circles as a
"Durham tube" -- possibly now in disfavour since its results had to be
read by a human rather than a computer!  Still, probably means that
hospital supply houses are overstocked with this piece of useless
glassware!  If there isn't an Australian source for Durham tubes let me
know -- we still can get 'em in Canada!

Now,  back to the irrelevant posting I was writing to Taxacom before I
re-read your post!

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