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Guy Van de Poel Guy_VdP at MSN.COM
Tue Mar 18 20:35:00 CST 1997

Hello all,

Suppose there are species a, b, c and x, y, z in genus A, the TS being a.
Later on, species x, y and z are placed into subgenus (X), the TS here being
x. This would require a subspecies (A), containing the remaining species of
the genus, i.e. a, b and c.
Is this correct ? (It seems logical to me)

I'm asking this because in 'Carcasson's African Butterflies' (CSIRO, Australia
- Edited by Ackery, Smith & Vane-Wright - NHM London), all african members of
the genus _Papilio_ are placed in the subgenus _Princeps_ Huebner. This
subgenus has _demodocus_ Esper as TS, and _machaon_ Linnaeus is the TS of
In the listings however, _machaon muetingi_ and _m. syriacus_ are placed in
the same subgenus (Princeps), whereas I would have expected to find them under
the subgenus (Papilio).
We had a small discussion in our Antwerp Entomological Society (Belgium), and
I would be very pleased to receive your opinions on this subject.
Thanks a lot in advance,

Guy Van de Poel
Guy_VdP at msn.com

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