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I think a primary reason to consider electronic publication as a
medium for various 'products' of systematics relates to the simple
fact that this is the form scientific publication will take over the
next 10 years or so.  Given this, the primary question to be
considered is *how* we move from paper and - through this
consideration - try to insure that the transition is done in a way
that will maximize the 'upside' and eliminate whatever problems might
be presented by a new medium.

> In short, I'd like to see this thread turn to a discussion of just what
> exactly we hope to accomplish by allowing new names to legally come into
> existence via the WorldWideWeb/Internet or CD-ROM rather than by
> conventional paper methods.  In order to judge intelligently whether this is
> a good idea or bad, we need to have a clear idea of WHY we are doing it.
> Especially helpful would be anecdotes from those actually describing new
> taxa, relating how work they've done in the past would have been improved
> (or not) had they been able to publish electronically.
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