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Stephen P. Rae srae at MUSCI.COM
Wed Mar 26 21:32:03 CST 1997

At 04:08 PM 3/26/97 -0700, JOSEPH E. LAFERRIERE wrote:
>Gee, everyone agreeing with me. I'm stunned.
>Concerning the list yesterday as to which countries taxacommers
>reside in, the US figure is overstated because the listserv
>at Berkeley assumes that any address ending in edu, com, gov,
>or org is a US address. This is not true, as aol and some
>other US commercial servers can be accessed from outside the
Also, some ORG and NET domains are registered for foreign entities and are
hosted on foreign servers (for example PHARMWEB.ORG and PHARMWEB.NET).  I
would suggest that the participation of non-US entities is actually much
higher than suspected by Una.

Then, there are servers such as ours actively soliciting hosting business
for non-US clients.  Their domain names will be COM, but there physical
location will not be in the US.  And, we didn't think of this idea by
ourselves.  Many others are already providing such a service.  Access can be
by 800 number, etc., so connect charges may be different than our colleague
in Russia is experiencing.

I think that it is our obligation to do something to get our non-US
colleagues connected economcally so that they are fully franchised members
of the professional community.  Not because it may generate income, but
rather because we will all benefit from an expanded peer group.

Stephen P. Rae
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