Dandy Dime

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Sat Mar 29 08:35:36 CST 1997

Let me play the devil's advocate with respect to this posting.

I will claim that the Dandy Dime, a non-scientific publication, can be
included in the category of newspaper.  First, it does contain news -
news defined as previously unknown information.  The fact that the news
is in a paid advertisement is irrelevant.  For example, because authors
are required to pay page charges for many scientific publications, their
papers (which may contain validly published names) are considered paid

Second, there is no requirement for a newspaper to contain freely
supplied information.  Many legitimate newspapers consist primarily of
paid advertisements, with only minimal non-advertising information.  We
have one such here (the so-called Penny Saver) which consists almost
exclusively of ads and personals with an occasional op-ed piece.  My
guess is that a publication such as the Dandy Dime falls within the
general category of newspaper.

I think what we need is a bit of advice from the publishing industry or
from a lawyer.  We need to know how printed items such as the Dandy Dime
are classified for legal purposes (e.g., on their IRS forms; on their
incorporation papers; with the local Chamber of Commerce; etc.).  Until
such background work is done, I believe the claim that this is a validly
published name is premature.

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