Dandy Dime

Mon Mar 31 16:28:18 CST 1997

   Dr. Jensen  is certainly entitled to his interpretation of
the Dandy  Dime ad.  Incidentally, I  did not say I wrote the
ad;  it  was  written  by  a  friend  who  wishes  to  remain
anonymous. She  does not  have e-mail,  which  is  why  I  am
presenting her arguments on her behalf.
   My friend  opted for the dramatic rather than the timid in
order to  call attention  to  the  problem.  Real  cases  are
infinitely  more   effective  in  attracting  attention  than
hypothetical ones. As for Dr. Jensen's fruit-fly analogy, let
me point  out that classified advertizements, like flies, are
sexually reproducing  organisms.  Hence,  one  is  relatively
harmless and  unlikely to  cause major  hardship.  My  friend
promises to  keep the  ad in the Dandy Dime isolated from her
other ad in press in the Nifty Nickel.
   Other publication  venues my friend considered in addition
to these  included American  Quilter, Heavy  Metal Biker Mag,
Padres de  Sesame Street,  XXX Video  Guide, and  the concert
program for  the  28  April  performance  of  the  Bratislava
Symphony Orchestra. I am sure Dr. Jensen would not agrue that
any of  these is  a newspaper.  She also contemplated sending
out the  new description  on  Christmas  cards,  or  possibly
printing it on t-shirts to sell at a botanical conference.

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