ABRS postgraduate scholarship - Dillwynia

Karen Wilson Karen_Wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Thu Mar 6 11:49:53 CST 1997

Subject: ABRS postgraduate scholarship - Dillwynia
Author:  Peter Weston at PO-SYDNEY
Date:    06/3/1997 11:05 AM

     Postgraduate Scholarship  -  Australian Biological Resources Study

     Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
     enrolled at
     an appropriate university in the Sydney area

     A taxonomic revision of Dillwynia (Fabaceae: Faboideae: Mirbelieae)

     Applications are invited for the above award.  The project will
     involve  revising the classification of Dillwynia using morphological
     and molecular data, `classical' and possibly morphometric methods at
     the specific and intraspecific level, and phylogenetic analysis at all
     levels. The results of these analyses will include cladograms that
     will form the basis for further work in cladistic biogeography and
     other forms of comparative analysis. A generic monograph and treatment
     of Dillwynia for the Flora of Australia will be produced as results of
     the project.

     Dillwynia is endemic to subtropical and temperate Australia, with its
     centre of diversity in the south-east, particularly the Sydney region.
     Presently, 24 species are recognised by the National Herbarium of New
     South Wales but several of these names represent species complexes that
     have frustrated earlier attempts at taxonomic resolution. Analysis of
     molecular data will be necessary in satisfactorily circumscribing
     species and reconstructing their relationships. The precise definition
     of the genus has been a matter of some disagreement and a cladistic
     analysis of Dillwynia and closely related genera is needed to solve
     this problem.

     The successful applicant will be jointly supervised by Dr Peter Weston
     of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and co-supervisor(s) from the
     university at which the student enrols.  The study will be based at the
     National Herbarium of New South Wales, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney,
     using both its herbarium and laboratory facilities but will also
     involve substantial fieldwork in southern Australia ($2,000 is
     available to fund travel in 1997).

     Annual stipend: $15,364 (tax free); funding to a total of three years
     is subject to annual renewal by ABRS and satisfactory progress by the

     Applicants must be Australian citizens or hold permanent residence.
     The position requires an appropriate honours degree (I or IIi) or
     equivalent and a strong interest in plant systematics. The successful
     applicant must have demonstrated training and/or experience in plant
     systematics, a current drivers licence, and an ability to work in the
     herbarium, laboratory and field. Experience with molecular techniques
     is highly desirable.

     Applications, including a letter detailing personal suitability for
     the project, an academic transcript, curriculum vitae and details of
     two academic / professional referees should reach:-

     Dr Peter Weston,
     Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney,
     Mrs Macquarie's Road,
     Sydney 2000.

     by 21st March 1997.

     For further details contact:-
     Dr Peter Weston
     Ph (02) 9231 8142  Fax (02) 9251 7231 email: peter at rbgsyd.gov.au

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