See you later, emulator

Finn N. Rasmussen FINNR at BOT.KU.DK
Thu Mar 6 01:53:59 CST 1997

I have received mails from a number of taxonomists who were not aware
of the possibility of running PAUP and MacClade on a Mac emulator.
They are now checking it out to see what kind of problems may be
encountered. We are going to teach a course in cladistics the next
two weeks, and many of the students will be working with the
executor emulator. No doubt we will find out more about it's
limitations. For now, all I have noticed is that the video is
notably slower than on a real Mac - it takes more time to scroll
through a tree in MacClade. But this can perhaps be optimized. You
will also have to drag the tools menu a few pixels before the tools
become visible. A colleague tried running Sequence Navigator, that
will definitely not run.

Everybody can try this out free - a demo version of executor is
available from the ARDI homepage. It works like the real thing, but
will exit after 10 minutes. It would be interesting to hear about
experiences the other way around: how does Hennig86, Nona etc.
perform under the "Soft-PC" emulator on a Mac?

Happy emulating!   Finn
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