RASA 2.1 is available; please upgrade

James Francis Lyons-Weiler weiler at ERS.UNR.EDU
Fri Mar 7 15:24:45 CST 1997

Date of Upgrade: March 2, 1997

*********************** Announcing RASA 2.1 *************************

        Updated software for the Mac that will perform "Relative
        Apparent Synapomorphy Analysis" (RASA) is available at the
        address below.  RASA is a character-based, statistical test
        for phylogenetic signal (aka cladistic hierarchy) in any type
        of discrete character state matrices (morphological/molecular/

        The RASA family of techniques has evolved into a combination
        of methods for data exploration and testing for misleading
        patterns.  Three new applications provide tests for

                * suitable outgroup selection,

                * taxa at the ends of long branches (in the Felsenstein


                * differential lineage sorting.

The software (updated from 2.0 to 2.1) is now available at the following
URL as a binhexed self-extracting archive:


and by anonymous ftp at

        loco.biology.unr.edu (pub) (rasa)

There you'll find rasa.sea, which contains the following:

        RASA 2.1        <-- Reads a data file, measures signal,
                            reports the result in tabular form,
                            allows you to plot and explore
                            the RASA regression, creates taxon
                            variance plots, standard residual
                            analysis, and perform multiple
                            outgroup comparisons.  RASA 2.1 replaces
                            RASA 2.0, RASA 1.1.1 and RASA Plot 1.1.1.

        RASA 2.1        <-- A Word document complete with
        Manual          illustrations.

        sample.data     <-- A sample data file with signal and
                        no long branches.

        sample2.data     <-- A sample data file with signal and
                        two long branch
(Felsenstein Zone).

        README-2.1              <-- A file with FAQs, bugs, etc.

        SoftwareFPU             <-- Allows FPU machines to run RASA 2.1.

**** CHANGES IN 2.1 ****

        RASA 2.1 has many new features, including

                Data analysis
                        Examine residual plots, including one specifically
                        designed to detect taxa in the Felsenstein Zone.

                        Remove invariant characters.  Save the modified
                        matrix to a new data file.  (This speeds things

                        Remove apparent autapomorphies.

                        Including/Excluding Taxa has been added.

                        Printing capability has been added.

                        Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

To add your name to the RASA mailing list, or if you have questions, send
an email with your postal to

weiler at equinox.unr.edu

James Lyons-Weiler

Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
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