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Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Mon Mar 10 11:01:33 CST 1997

I believe that Finland has the same requirement for PhD theses as do
Sweden and The Netherlands - the thesis is published then defended
Robin Leech

On Mon, 10 Mar 1997, Joan Thorne wrote:

> As stated in our message of March 03, sent by Judy Howcroft, theses
> are included in Zoological Record only if they appear to be
> conventionally published and therefore, as far as can be determined,
> publicly available.
> This policy was introduced as a means of dealing consistently with
> all theses no matter what their source or country of origin. However
> from recent comments it seems that all theses from at least Sweden
> and The Netherlands should be regarded as 'properly published' in
> the sense of the Code. This has prompted us to look again at our
> current policy but before we consider any significant changes we
> would reiterate Sven Kullander's request for information about the
> practice relating to thesis publication in other countries.  We
> would certainly find such information extremely useful and would be
> happy to summarize the results for the list in general.
> A final thought; it is obvious that even if we were to broaden our
> policy it would be of little value unless we were able to obtain the
> theses for indexing.  Would the community be prepared to help by
> lending/sending us copies of published theses containing new and
> changed names?
> Joan Thorne
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