Anapagurus vs. 'Anapagurus'

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This is a followup on a question I posted a few months ago on the relevance
of incertis sedis and homonymy. The fossil taxon Anapagurus marginatus
Muller 1978 was referred to as 'Anapagurus' marginatus Muller 1978 by
Muller (1984), who explained "Single quotation marks ('.....') were used to
denote collective genera i.e. when generic determination was not possible
due to the incomplete preservation of fossil forms, but relationship with
the nominate genus is probable." Is there any formal taxonomic status of
"collective genera"? Specifically, if Anapagurus marginatus Muller 1978 is
a junior homonym, does Muller's subsequent hedging affect the need for a
replacement name? My sense is that the answer to these questions is "no,"
but I'm far from fluent at interpreting the Code.

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