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On Mon, 17 Mar 1997, Sean O'Keefe wrote:

> Don,
> A source of vials can be found at BioQuip Products (in California:
> bioquip at; FAX: (310) 324-7931).
> Item # 8689 (pg. 18 of 1995 catalog lists 1/4 dram vials (9x30mm) for
> $16.50 US/gross).
> Item #8611 (pg. 15 lists shell vials (8.75x50mm) for $6.10 US/gross)
> either version comes with corks (additional costs), which I find they
> generally don't work well for extended periods.

Are we talking about dry- or fluid-mounted material? Cork -- or even cork
dipped in beeswax, does not work well for fluid mounts.  Try 0000 neoprene
stoppers (the old orange ones seem to work best) and squeeze out all the
air (vent it with an insect pin placed between the stopper and vial).  If
possible, use vials with reinforced necks, shell vials tend to break
during venting.  I have specimens which I prepared 25 years ago which show
no sign of evaporation.

For dry material stored in a dry environment, gelatin capsules are a
cheap solution.

(BTW -- having re-read the original posting, I think Don was actualy
looking for a source of bacteriological "Durham tubes", and have so

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