Guy Van de Poel Guy_VdP at MSN.COM
Thu Mar 20 21:11:56 CST 1997

Hello again,

I would like to thank all who responded to the question about the subgenera
and type-species.
As Felix Sperling pointed out : "neither muetingi nor syriacus are seriously
considered anything other than a subspecies of Papilio machaon", and as
"Papilio Linnaeus, 1758" is undoubtedly THE oldest genus of Lepidoptera
Papilionoidea, it is clear that they should have been placed under Papilio
(Papilio) instead of under Papilio (Princeps Huebner, [1807]).
I just hope there are no other species which should be placed there, anyway,
this just means reading more books.
Errors are easy to be made, as is evident in my example, where you can read
"subspecies (A)", where I should have written "subgenus (A)".
Or, as somebody said long ago : errare humanum est.
Thanks again, and in the language of some others : Merci beaucoup, Dank U wel

Guy Van de Poel
Guy_VdP at msn.com

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