Electronic publication

Fortuner fortuner at WANADOO.FR
Sat Mar 22 17:27:32 CST 1997

May I remind you all that the N in ICZN and ICBN stands for
nomenclature. Acceptability (or lack of) of electronic publication
only refers to those works that affect nomenclature, i.e., proposals
of new NAMES or changes in existing NAMES.

Now, such proposals/changes are (usually) based on data (=
measurements and qualitative descriptions) that are gathered from
individual specimens at great cost in time and efforts, used during
the study, and then thrown away. The only data that show up in the
final publications are statistical data (means and ranges) referring
to populations. Would not it be great if specimen measurements and
descriptions could be made available to all, after the new/modified
names are published in conformity with the Codes?

What I have in mind is an electronic publication where any character
could be represented in a database format, as opposed to a full text
format. This would make the data immediately and directly available to
other workers. Credit would be attached to such data in the form of a
reference to the paper publication.

Renaud Fortuner

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