marine vascular plants

Mon Mar 24 13:33:49 CST 1997

Mon 24 Mar 1320h


    I am interested in setting up a very focused and probably
temporary herbarium exchange program in order to increase the holdings
at USCH of marine vascular plants. We desire flowering and/or
fruiting material of ANY genus within the following groups from
anywhere in the world, including African and Indo-Pacific:

    1. mostly submersed plants in families Cymdoceaceae,
Zannichelliaceae, Zosteraceae, etc.
    2. woody "mangroves" in genera Avicennia, Ceriops, Laguncularia,
Rhizophora, etc.

    I'll be happy to answer any inquiries (off-line probably is best),
and discuss what might be returned in exchange.

        Thanks very much, John Nelson

John B. Nelson
Curator of the Herbarium (USCH)
Department of Biological Sciences
University of South Carolina
Columbia SC 29208

nelson at
803-777-8196 phone
803-777-4002 fax

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