Magnus Liden magnus.liden at SYSTBOT.GU.SE
Tue Mar 25 16:52:35 CST 1997


Could someone, botanist or plant grower, help me to obtain a few plantlets
of Dicentra chrysantha and/or Dicentra ochroleuca ASAP, and at the latest
in the beginning of june? You will be amply rewarded and your postage
covered! If you wrap them up in Sphagnum in a sealed plastic bag in a stiff
cover and mail them directly, they will certainly survive. I would also
appreciate slides of these species in return for slides or specimens of
your choice of other Fumariaceae.

Magnus Lid=E9n

Systematisk Botanik
Carl Skottsbergs gata 22B
S-413 19 G=F6teborg (Gothenburg)

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