electronic publications

Thu Mar 27 10:00:52 CST 1997

Let's give credit where credit is due:  the data I posted came straight
from the listserv daemon that handles TAXACOM.  To a first approximation,
EDU, COM, and ORG are all in the US, despite the growing number of
exceptions.  But the people using accounts in those domains don't have
to be in the same country or even on the same continent.  I have posted
to TAXACOM from Yale while in Canada, England, and Scotland.  And two
Germans in my department routinely send and receive all their e-mail on
their home accounts back in Frankfurt.

So there is a growing amount of uncertainty in those stats.  Also, some
"subscribers" on TAXACOM may be other mailing lists.  It is a common
strategy when Internet access costs are assessed on the basis of volume.
By setting up a local mailing list, an institution can pay for one copy
of each article from TAXACOM, and redistribute any number of copies to
subscribers inside the institution.  This too contributes to the likely
underestimation of the number of subscribers outside the US and Western

        Una Smith

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