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Tue Mar 4 06:04:01 CST 1997

I have already addresses Doug Yanega's points number 3 and 4.
To reiterate:

3) If everyone is operating under the same rules, the whole
thing balances out. If the incentive is removed for splintering
a thesis into tiny publications, the incentive is gone for
splitting taxa just to get inflate one's cv artificially.
Besides, journals can still print thesis extracts if they
desire; they will simply be freed from the responsibility
of coining names instead of merely citing them.

4) Combine my proposal with the much-discussed proposal
to require registration of new names with a central
committee. Thus new names will thus be registered in Index
Kewensis (or whatever the zoological equivalent is), and
this removes any excuse for researchers not knowing
about the names in theses.

Thus both of my colleague's arguments are, alas, groundless.

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