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Finn N. Rasmussen finnr at BOT.KU.DK
Tue Mar 4 11:02:29 CST 1997

 Martin Cavalluzzi <martin at VIMS.EDU> wrote:

> Hennig86 is a PC cladistics package.  It is far, far, FAR less user
> friendly that PAUP 3.1.1, and the 'manual' is totally incomprehensible
> except to someone with a degree in c++.

The Hennig 86 manual is much better than its reputation, and you sure
don't need a in course c++ to understand it. As far as I know this
program was written in fortran, but the source isn't included anyway.
However, if you do find the original documentation a little terse there is an
excellent manual  for Hennig86 by Diana Libscomb
(biodl at

> PAUP* is the *Ferrari* of phylogenetics packages.

- Well, I guess that Hennig86 is still the formula-1 racer. Not
comfortable, but speedy.

Pablo Goloboff's package with NoNa, PeeWee, SPA and PHAST should also
be mentioned in this context. Nona works much like Hennig 86, but has
many, many more features. PeeWee does "implied weighting". These
programs can be traced and downloaded via the Hennig Society
Homepage - They are incredibly cheap, I think it is USD 50.

PAUP and MacClade are probably the most widely used cladistic
programs. They have no doubt sold many Macs. But if youd don't want
to buy a Mac just for running these two there is another
possibility: both will run nicely under the Mac-emulator Executor2,
manufactured by ARDI at I have just started
using it, I got the hint from The Zoological Museum at Copenhagen
Univ. where Paup/MacClade on Executor2 seems to be routine. My only
problem so far is trouble getting trees printed from MacClade.


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