Diatomite purification of plant DNA

Karen Wilson Karen_Wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Thu Mar 6 11:50:35 CST 1997

Subject: Diatomite purification of plant DNA
Author:  Peter Weston at PO-SYDNEY
Date:    06/3/1997 11:06 AM

     Mike Crisp posted the following message a couple of weeks ago:

     "Yesterday Bill Eddie asked for a DNA extraction protocol that can
     remove large amounts of polysaccharide.  We had all the trouble in the
     world with very mucoid extracts from Australian legumes until we
     settled on a simple and quick method using diatomite (in conjunction
     with CTAB).  This method is published as follows:
     Gilmore, S., Weston, P. H., and Thomson, J. A. (1993). A simple,
     rapid, inexpensive and widely applicable technique for purifying plant
     DNA. Australian Systematic Botany 6, 139-148."

     I should point out that there is a repeated typographical error in the
     standard protocols listed in appendix 1 in that paper. All volumes
     cited in microlitres were printed as "mL". So the volumes cited in
     steps 4, 9, 11 and 12 of appendix 1B as 300, 300, 50, 100 and 800 mL
     should be 300, 300, 50, 100 and 800 MICROLITRES.

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