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>Postscript: I point out that the real Erika Eleniak is on the
>same television show as the real Pamela Anderson, for similar
>reasons. At least this is what I hear; I have watched it
>only once.
>   I am sorry to bother everyone with this, but I feel I
>am entitled to defend myself in public against public

I am only mildly embarrassed to demonstrate an ignorance of the cast
members of Baywatch. This is not the sort of knowledge for which I would
wish to be remembered.

May I offer two apologies: A public apology to Joseph E. Laferriere for
accusing him unjustly, and another to recipients of the list for wasting
their time.

>Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere, 4717 E First St., Tucson AZ 85711 USA
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