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Sat Mar 8 07:46:08 CST 1997

I respectfully suggest to the authors of a few notes posted
yesterday that they reread my proposal, posted a few days
ago. I proposed that names in theses be accepted as published
IF AND ONLY IF the theses are distributed and made accessible,
whether through University Microfilm, the www, or other means.
As Jim Beach pointed out, information published electronically
is available instantaneously world-wide, regardless of the
country of origin. Thus the effort required in obtaining
copies of theses from South America or anywhere else
    As for quality control, an issue Jim raised, I should
think that a graduate committee in a PhD program should
be trusted to exercise some quality control over material
contained in a dissertation. Anyone being awarded a PhD
must have at least some knowledge of the field, and review
by a graduate committee is better quality control than
publication of a small book in someone's basement, or the
type of non-review I have seen in some second-rate journals.
Even if the quality control is not ideal, so what? It is
easy enough to sort the good work from the sloppy. As
long as the information is available to do this, the names
should be accepted. This includes descriptions and type
designations, something already required by both the

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