Using ITS in plants systematics

Chrissen E. C. Gemmill gemmill at ONYX.SI.EDU
Mon Mar 10 08:46:26 CST 1997

Dear Taxacomers,
I am currently conducting a systematics study on the genus Pittosporum
(Pittosporaceae) using sequence variation of nuclear ribosomal DNA internal
transcribed spacer regions.  As you know, ITS has been found to evolve
relatively rapidly in some groups.  My work on Hawaiian Pittosporum,
however, suggests that ITS is highly conserved in this group of closely
related species. I am curious to know what other people are finding,
especially those of you that have studies in progress.

If you are working on plant systematics using ITS and would like to
contribute to this thread (even preliminary results) please email me
directly at gemmill at  I will compile the replys and send this
information on to those of you that are interested.

Thank you very much.

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