Roommate at ASC 1997 Meeting

Murray Fletcher fletchm at AGRIC.NSW.GOV.AU
Tue Mar 18 09:27:56 CST 1997

On Mon, 17 Mar 1997, Michael A. Ivie, Ph.D. wrote:

> Being a systematist, and therefore terribly cheap, I am looking for
> someone to share a room at the ASC annual meeting in Atlanta this
> April.  I would prefer to stay at the cheap place across the street.
> I will be gone for the next 3 weeks, but will check my e-mail
> periodically.  If anyone is interested, please don't give up on me if I
> don't get back right away.
> --

There's some quite cheap accommodation here in Orange, NSW.

A gentle reminder that this is an internationally subscribed list and
americocentric postings like this can be somewhat offensive to those of us
who have the (mis)fortune to live elsewhere.

Murray J. Fletcher
Senior Research Scientist
NSW Agriculture
Orange NSW

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