Lewis and Clark Herbarium Annotators

Richard McCourt rmccourt at CONDOR.DEPAUL.EDU
Tue Mar 18 08:34:58 CST 1997

Historian Gary Moulton at the University of Nebraska is working on the
final volume in his series on the Journals of Lewis and Clark, as well as
the diaries of others on the trip.  The final volume will be entitled "The
Herbarium of Lewis and Clark" and is scheduled for publication next year.
The volume details the history of the specimens collected by Lewis and
Clark.  The 200+ specimens, property of the American Philsophical Society
and now housed/curated at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia,
represent the only extensive material specimens remaining from the
collections of Lewis and Clark.  Moulton includes in the text all the
information on the herbarium sheets, including annotators.  He is
assembling a list with correct spellings and birth/death dates for the
annotators (some are still living of course). Out of about 94 annotators,
he is down to a final few that he can't place. He asks if anyone has
information about them, please correspond with him or me (note my new
address--I'm in the middle of changing email from my former job to my new
one). The annotators and the specimens they worked on are:

J. P. Harbour,  Pinus ponderosa;
Theodore F. Niehaus, Triteleia grandiflora;
Charles H. Perino,  Lonicera ciliosa;
O. S. Walsh, Zigadenus elegans;
M. G. Waring, Achillea millefolium.

Gary may be reached at:
Gary E. Moulton                        voice: (402) 472-6041
434 Love Library                       fax: (402) 472-5131
University of Nebraska            e-mail: gmoulton at unl.edu
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0475  USA

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