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Barry M. OConnor bmoc at UMICH.EDU
Tue Mar 18 19:31:03 CST 1997

At 3:35 PM 3/18/97, Guy Van de Poel wrote:
 in 'Carcasson's African Butterflies' (CSIRO, Australia
>- Edited by Ackery, Smith & Vane-Wright - NHM London), all african members of
>the genus _Papilio_ are placed in the subgenus _Princeps_ Huebner. This
>subgenus has _demodocus_ Esper as TS, and _machaon_ Linnaeus is the TS of
>In the listings however, _machaon muetingi_ and _m. syriacus_ are placed in
>the same subgenus (Princeps), whereas I would have expected to find them under
>the subgenus (Papilio).

This is clearly an error.  If machaon is the TS of Papilio, and Papilio is
older than Princeps, then machaon and any properly included subspecies
belong in Papilio (s.s.).  It's possible that species originally described
as subspecies of some other name could be found to belong to a different
genus group taxon upon revision.  These should then be listed as distinct
species in whatever genus group they belong rather than under the original

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