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Michal Brzeski mbrzeski at LINUX.INWARZ.SKIERNIEWICE.PL
Thu Mar 20 00:13:32 CST 1997

Robin Panza wrote:

> Electronic publication can look good in theory, but I don't think it's
> practical until/unless the internet system stabilizes quite a bit more than it
> is now.  How many years ago were we restricted to text-only sites?  How long
> will it be before the web is superseded by some other electronic communication?
Certainly one of the main reasons for avoiding taxonomic papers being
published in electronic journals is limited access of people from many
(?most?) countries to Internet and even to e-mail. These people have the
same right to do taxonomic research or at least may need taxonomic
literature. It is enough to look at the directories of various societies
where e-mail addresses are mentioned. The same is true regarding
availability of thesis via any copying company. Just some libraries do
not have enough money to order needed text.

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