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At 05.38 1997-03-20 -0700, JOSEPH E. LAFERRIERE wrote:

>  Being a botanist, I am unfamiliar with the ICZN and
>have no copy available, but according to my esteemed colleague,
>it says a new name must be
>"reproduced in ink on paper by some method that assures
>numerous identical copies."

According to the 1985 ICZN, scientific works may be accepted as validly
published after 1985 even if produced "by a method that does not employ ink
on paper" granted that such a publication "meets the other requirements of
[Article 8] and is not excluded by the provisions of Article 9".

>This sounds to me as if photocopying or merely printing
>more than one copy from a computer using a laser- or ink-jet
>printer would be sufficient.

According to this Article 9, "computer printouts as such" do NOT constitute
publications in the meaning of the Code, and neither do photocopies (as such).

In my opinion, making information available on the web as such will succumb
to ICZN Article 9 (11):

The "deposit of a document (e.g., a thesis) in a collection of documents, a
library, or other archive" is NOT considered publication in the meaning of
the Code.

The server holding, e.g., the HTML text will thus represent such an
"archive". Issuing a number of CD-ROM disks, on the other hand, seems to me
to be a valid 'non-ink-on-paper' publication. CD-ROM disks also have the
advantage of being 'hard-copies' in the sense of being 'read-only', and the
information can be made available directly on the web simply (or almost so)
by sticking one such CD-ROM in the webserver's CD-tower.

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