Colecting permits in MEXICO

Hesiquio Benitez Diaz hbd at HP.FCIENCIAS.UNAM.MX
Thu Mar 20 15:10:29 CST 1997

Hi everybody:

Even in Mexico there is an important effort ongoing for establishing a
better way to deal with collecting permits of wild life.

In CONABIO's Home page there are available the current requirements of
the Instituto Nacional de Ecologia (INE) of SEMARNAP for getting such a
permits. Considering National and International collectors, as well as the
forms to be filled for soliciting them.

The address to visit is:

If you have more questions about it, you should contact to:

Direccion General de Vida Silvestre
Secretaria de Medio Ambiente Recursos Naturales y Pesca
Av. Revolucion 1425, Nivel 20
Col. Tlacopac, 01040, Mexico, D.F.


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