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Geoff Witten gjw at RMIT.EDU.AU
Wed Mar 26 10:23:56 CST 1997

I am pleased to find myself agreeing with Joseph E. L. in reservations on
electronic publication. I see the electronic media as an excellent medium
for the dissemination of data, but it seems a most inappropriate place to
throw new names. A couple of other recent contributions have put that
argument very well.

A quick anecdote on electronic publishing/thesis preparation. I needed to
subject some students to a few pages of my PhD last week. I retain a paper
copy, and fed these pages into the photocopier. The electronic copy of my
thesis remains in my room, but I doubt I will ever be able to transfer the
text from 8" floppy discs for a Philips word processer. That is only 15
years old. For taxonomy we need more durable media.

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