Dandy Dime

richard a fagerlund fagerlun at UNM.EDU
Mon Mar 31 14:06:06 CST 1997

I agree with Joseph on this.  If he has tried to get the problem resolved
within the institution and failed, maybe you should go to more drastic
measures.  I also agree with him on the medfly analogy.  I don't think anyone
would be reckless enough to import something as devious as a medfly
simply because a loophole was there.  That could be an economic disaster for
parts of California.  However, I don't see Joseph's plant being published
in a local rag as being anywhere near as important as the medfly.  If
anything, it would be an inconvenience to someone later on, but it is no way
as important as the insect pest.  Comparing the two is comparing apples and

Joseph did accomplish one thing and that is more discussion.  Maybe his
actions will accomplish what he hasn't been able to do so far.  If so,
then a plant published in the Dandy Dime was worth the price.

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