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Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Mon Mar 31 07:23:53 CST 1997

At 07:55 AM 03/30/97 -0700, JOSEPH E. LAFERRIERE wrote:
> There  is a  myriad of  borderline  publications,
>semi-popular magazines  published  by  botanical  gardens  or
>gardening clubs or regional "Native Plant Societies." Indeed,
>one  cannot   even  assume   everyone  will   agree  on  what
>constitutes a  "periodical." I have heard some people suggest
>publication be limited to "peer-reviewed" journals.

A few years ago, I was editor of Crossosoma, the journal of Southern
California Botanists. It had a circulation of around 350 (optimistically),
and was peer-reviewed after a fashion. In the instructions to contributors,
I stated "Because of the small circulation of Crossosoma, it is currently
the policy of the editor to return manuscripts that make formal
nomenclatural changes."

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