Botany in Belize

Monique D. Reed monique at BIO.TAMU.EDU
Fri May 2 11:34:37 CDT 1997

I have just had a visit from a colleague who is going to be working
in Belize this summer, collecting plants and learning about medicinal
plants from the indigenous people.  He's a microbiologist, not a
botanist, and I have just given him a crash course in plant pressing,
making good field notes, what to pack, etc. (MOBOT's field botany
page is great!)

He has his collection permits all in order.  I have told him that
it's a morally sound practice to work with scientists and
institutions from the country in question, leaving them a set of
duplicates and making sure that specimens are sent back to the U.S.
according to all the appropriate quarantines or whatever.

Question #1:  My copy of Index Herbariorum lists only one small
herbarium in Belmopan.  Is there any other larger or more appropriate
institution with which it would be desirable to establish a

Question #2:  Who, what, or where should he use as a starting point
for having his collections identified?

Question #3:  Since he is going to be examining the chemical
properties of plants, he would like to be able to get material back
to his lab in a timely manner.  Does anyone know if it is possible to
have things sent FedEx from larger towns in Belize? (I have already
told him to check with the USDA re: import restrictions.)

Any help, advice, etc. greatly appreciated,

Monique Reed

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