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At 17.04 1997-05-07 +0100, Wolfgang Wuster wrote (in part):

>Here is a little chestnut that several colleagues and I have been
>discussing for some time now....

>Which spelling of the scientific name is correct, russelii or russellii?

The original spelling "russelii" is correct and the subsequent "russellii"
is accordingly an unjustified emendation.

To the extent that the name is considered as proposed deliberately as
"russelii" and appear repeatedly as such in the original publication there
is no inadvertent error or lapsus calami. That the person honoured has his
name spelled differently does not matter. Several other names (personal and
topological) could be cited as further examples:

  macalpinei [for MacAlpine]
  Colcondamyia [from Golconda summit]

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