marsupial phylogeny

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you may wish to check:

Legendre, Lapointe, and Casgrain. 1994. Modeling Brain Evolution From Behavior:
A Permutational Regression Approach. Evolution, 48(5):1487-1499.

Clemens, W.A. 1968. Origin and evolution of Marsupials. Evolution 22: 1-18.

Clemens, W.A. 1977. Phylogeny of Marsupials in Stonehouse. pp. 51-68 in: B.
Gilmore and D. Gilmore, eds. The biology of marsupials. Univ. Park Press.

Kirsch, J. 1977. The comparative serology of Marsupialia, and a classification
of marsupials. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 52:1-152

hope that helps
(hey how's that for a parasitic copepod guy?)

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ps- anybody have any through the grapevine news regarding how soon PAUP* may
see the light of day?

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