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At 12:48 PM 05-14-97 SAST-2, Ted Oliver wrote:

>If there were entries in the Guiness Book of Records for
>biodiversity in the plant kingdom what would the candidates be?
>My research is on the genus Erica which I reckon is a very good
>candidate from the following figures:-
>On a mountain slope near the coast SE of Cape Town I noted 5 species
>growing within 1 square metre (woody shrublets to 300 mm high) and :
>on the flats nearby 11 species in about 1000 sq m, 9 of them
>flowering and all very distinct species not closely related with
>pollination by either bees, birds or wind.
>The centre of biodiversity of the genus lies just to the north of
>the above area and so far we estimate that 200 spp occur in a
>mountain range of approx  30x10 km=300 sq km.
>The genus has presently 650 spp in the Cape Floral Region (approx 90
>000 sq km) with approx 95% endemism.
>Has anyone got comparable figures for other genera in other parts of
>the world?  Is this a possible record for vascular plants?

A. A. Sterk, et al. (Acta Bot. Neerl. 32: 385-415) reported up to 19 species
of Taraxacum (Asteraceae) per 125 m2 in coastal Netherlands, but given they
are largely agamospecies, maybe that doesn't count.

I always thought the 120+ spp. of Lobelioideae (Campanulaceae) endemic to
the 16,000 km2 area of the Hawaiian Islands was some kind of record.

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