from Venezuela... a call for everyone

Linares at Mizzou1.Missouri.eduJohana Linares at Mizzou1.Missouri.eduJohana
Mon May 19 13:41:09 CDT 1997

     I am trying to help a friend who has been awarded with a very
     appreciated prize from the Education Council from Venezuela, it`s
     called "Knowledge stilmulus".
     He would like to invest this money in a course related to taxonomy,
     taxidermy, bio-diversity, etc.
     Unfortunately he doesn`t have much time to complete graduate courses,
     so he is searching mostly on 6 to 9 months courses, starting this
     summer anytime... please forward me ANY information.

     Here a brief of himself: graduated professor and he teaches biology at
     a private institution. Founder of one of the few natural cience
     museums in Venezuela.

     you can also reply directly to:
     (CSREP3 at or (VEMRVJOL at

        Johana Linares

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