Valuating Systematics too?

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Systematists, ATBI'er and others might be interested in the following...
While the paper cited doesn't valuate systematics, it does try to
valuate the landscape where an ATBI might be embedded.
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                      AND NATURAL CAPITAL

The forum is a discussion of an ambitious project which is the first
attempt to place a dollar figure on the annual value of global
ecological life-support systems.  The article appeared in the May 15th
issue of NATURE and was discussed on NPR.

NATURE is making a copy of the article available online.  Links to
the article plus other material about the article can be found
which will also contain the searchable proceedings.

The authors of the article are ecologists, geographers and economists:
   Robert Costanza, Ralph d'Arge, Stephen Farber, Monica Grasso, Bruce
   Hannon, Karin Limburg, Shahid Naeem, Robert V. O'Neill, Jose Paruelo,
   Robert G. Raskin, Paul Sutton and Marjan van den Belt

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The seminar opens May 19 and is planned for 6 weeks (June 30) in the
hopes of obtaining careful, thoughtful commentary to further the goal of
appropriately measuring the value of ecological life-support systems.
This is an open but carefully moderated discussion.

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