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    Concerning the differentiation of Catalpa speciosa vs. C.

    Godfrey & Wooten (1988) treat only C. bignoniodes for N
Fla, GA and adjacent Alkabama--which may be of some interest to
Jerome. They include no mention of C. speciosa as a synonym, so we
may presume that these authors consider C. speciosa outside the area.

    What we have in SC is a mish-mash of both, and they do seem to
intergrade a bit. Somebody needs to figure out if the caterpillars
that feed on C. bignoniodes will also eat C. speciosa--maybe there is
some biochemistry here that could separate them.

    Duncan & Duncan (1988) treat both trees for the SEUS...and
provide a key separating them.

    Later John

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