Naturefile 1.4

Paul Selden Paul.Selden at MAN.AC.UK
Tue May 6 21:07:54 CDT 1997

Dear All

A couple of people have expressed difficulty in downloading the Naturefile
software which was mentioned to the list a few weeks ago. I am not sure how
widespread the problem has been, but it seems to work better now with
slightly different file names. If you have tried and it hasn't worked,
please try again. I should be grateful for any feedback concerning
difficulties. Thanks.


NATUREFILE, the wildlife recording and collection management software for
the Macintosh, is available at:

Further information about the program (which is free to download, shareware
fee of $50 if you find it useful), is at this URL, and below. The US
version has only a few state maps at present; the original UK version has
maps of all British Isles counties and can plot grid references. Additional
modules currently available are: US Arachnida, UK Arachnida, UK

NATUREFILE can be used for a range of wildlife groups or can be tailored
for your particular interest group, whether it be birds or bryophytes,
moths or mice, fish or fossils!

* Create your own database files of wildlife sightings, records and
collections. Add records individually or by day lists; automatic insertion
of locality and grid reference data

* Record locality, grid reference (any format), date, notes, etc.; re-size
and re-name fields for your own needs

* Store regularly used locality and grid reference data for automatic
insertion; Vice County names and numbers (British Isles version) or state
abbreviations (North America version) are already included in the program

* Included in the program is a range of common groups including: Birds,
Butterflies (British version includes Vice County distribution for all
species), Moths, Wild Flowers, Trees, Grasses, Ferns, Fungi, Spiders,
Odonata, Slugs and Snails, Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians. Add-on modules
contain full species lists, distribution maps, etc. for your specialist
group. Currently available modules: British Lepidoptera, British Arachnida,
American Arachnida

* Powerful search facility extracts data by keyword or phrase in any field,
combination of two fields, or all data. For example, search for all species
from a locality in a particular year

* Attach full color pictures for each species (or keep photographs of
localities, etc.)

* Drawing modules let you append additional notes and drawings to species cards

* Plot maps by Vice County or 10 km square on British Isles maps, or 1 km
square or tetrad on county maps of the British Isles, or by state or county
(North America version)

* Import data from files generated by word processors, databases, or other

* Export data in a variety of formats, e.g. for specialist mapping or other
recording schemes

* Export maps

* Export drawings

* Print data, e.g. locality lists, species checklists, notes, year lists -
the possibilities are endless!

* Print distribution maps, e.g. to include in reports

* Print drawings

* Print specimen labels

* Print labels for jars, box-files, cabinet drawers, etc.

* Built-in Help facility

* Extensive on-line manual and email assistance

NATUREFILE runs on Apple Macintosh and PowerMacintosh computers under
System 7.X. It runs in full color (4Mb RAM suggested), or in
black-and-white if required (1Mb RAM suggested). NATUREFILE runs in native
mode on PowerMacs.

Dr Paul A. Selden                              Phone: ## 161 275 3296
Department of Earth Sciences                     Fax: ## 161 275 3947
University of Manchester                         Home: ## 1625 582758
Manchester M13 9PL
United Kingdom                   Website:

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