Herbarium or Biotechnology Lab ?

Leonard Krishtalka kris at FALCON.CC.UKANS.EDU
Wed May 14 17:15:11 CDT 1997

At 07:20 AM 05/14/1997 -0700, Adolf Ceska wrote:
Do you know any arguments that
>work for the protection of herbaria or other collections in situations
>like this one?

        The answer -- the arguments -- should be the same whether or not
herbaria or other collections find themselves in such situations.  In other
words,  articulating the  fundamental mission of collection-based
biodiversity institutions should not be crisis-driven, but should occur and
be fulfilled to such an extent that it is an impervious to crisis or whim,
such as a biotech lab.  Is this herbarium consistently fulfilling it's
mission of providing essential biodiversity knowledge to science and
society?  Are its collection data computerized and on the web or getting
there?  Are its collections being used at fairly high levels? Are there
frequent data requests?  Have the collections or research based on the
collections been regularly supported by extramural funding? Etc. ETc. If the
answers to these questions is yes, then making the case to a Dean or anyone
else should not be difficult.


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