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Yesterday a new book and audio-cd on the Orthoptera (grasshoppers,
crickets and bush-crickets/katydids) of The Netherlands was published.
It is the first volume of a new series on the Dutch fauna ('Nederlandse
Fauna'). Although it may seem of local interest only (written in Dutch),
there are some aspects which make it of interest for a wider audience.
*       The cd records the sound of the 45 species from The Netherlands and
Belgium, not only the calling song, but also courtship song or rivalry
song. Some of these have never been recorded before.
*       the descriptions of each species not only show distribution maps of
The Netherlands, but also for Europe (55 species), based on data from
literature and many specialists.
*       The sounds are described in detail, accompanied by two oscillograms
*       There is a 4 page summary and short english summaries for each
species. The cd booklet also has english summaries.
*       Illustrations comprise colour photographs of all  indigenous species
(45) and some habitats, line drawings of the indigenous species, a
richly illustrated key for identification, many maps and graphs.

>From the summary:

The Orthoptera of the Netherlands
>From 1990 until 1994 more than 100 recorders participated in the
collection of distributional data of Orthoptera in The Netherlands. In
this book we present the results of this mapping scheme. The Dutch fauna
comprises to date 45 indigenous species, four of which have become
extinct during this century, viz.: Psophus stridulus (last seen in
1942), Locusta migratoria (1951), Tetrix bipunctata (1975), and
Gampsocleis glabra (1987). By contrast three species were found for the
first time during this project: Conocephalus discolor (in 1990),
Tettigonia cantans (in 1992) and  Meconema meridionale (in 1993). Other
species such as Phaneroptera falcata, Chorthippus apricarius and C.
mollis are markedly expanding their range within our country. This book
describes the problems and successes of these species in our country,
their biologies, their songs. The songs are also presented as digital
recordings on the accompanying cd. Furthermore the book gives
information on nature conservation issues and provides management
advice, which should ameliorate the situation for Orthoptera.

Book data:

De sprinkhanen en krekels van Nederland (Orthoptera)
by Roy Kleukers, Erik van Nieukerken, Baudewijn Od=E9, Luc Willemse &
Walter van Wingerden
artwork: Harrie Wijnhoven a.o. , photographs Rene Krekels a.o.
together with CD: "De zingende sprinkhanen en krekels van de Benelux"
[The singing Orthoptera of the Benelux-countries] by  Baudewijn Od=E9
Size 23x29,7 cm, 416 p., 14 colour plates, bound, with dust-jacket.=20
ISBN 90-5011-100-9.
Publication: 15 may 1997. Price: HFL 82,50 (excl. P&P)

Order in writing from:
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You can also ask for the free colour-flyer about the series and this

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