Announcing "Flora of China Crosstalk"

Anthony R. Brach brach at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Fri May 16 07:32:22 CDT 1997

<excerpt>Announcing the availability of "<bold>Flora of China

its purpose: Flora of China Crosstalk encourages the sharing of news and
discussions of general and expert taxonomic interest related to the
plants of China.

how it works: 1 X per hour, email received is processed by a mailbox
utility and simply archived as web pages. Messages may be viewed on the
Web by thread/subject, author, or date.

<bold>To browse the mailbox and archives, and more info</bold>:

or you can easily find it via the "post it" icon on the Flora of China
Web pages.

<bold>To submit pertinent items</bold> to the web mailbox utility send
email to focnews at

All are welcome to post botanically related <bold>information</bold>
(e.g., questions, news) of general or specialist interest.
<bold>Discussions</bold> about taxonomic issues as related to the Flora
of China are also welcome.


Anthony R. Brach

Flora of China


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