Hawaii Biological Survey Records for 1996

Scott Miller scottm at HAWAII.EDU
Sat May 17 15:09:27 CDT 1997

        Bishop Museum is pleased to announce publication of the third
annual compilation of "Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey" as "Bishop
Museum Occasional Papers" 48 and 49 (February 1997). The number and
diversity of taxa reported in these issues attest to the value of the
Records as part of the ongoing effort to inventory the Hawaiian biota.

        The discovery of a new noctuid moth from the mountains
immediately behind the urban environment of Honolulu demonstrates that
much remains to be learned about the native biota. At the same time, the
continuing parade of new records of naturalized non-native plants and
alien arthropods is alarming.

        Highlights of "Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey
for 1996" include:  --an update of numbers of species in Hawaii, including
a review of freshwater invertebrates;  --an overview of the history of
spread and current status of the invasive pest weed, Miconia calvescens;
--new records of plants, insects, and other invertebrates resulting from
field surveys and continued curation of Hawaiian collections at Bishop
Museum and elsewhere;  --a summary and bibliography of a checklist of
Hawaiian Foraminifera (755 species), the checklist of which will be
published elsewhere;  --a catalog of the nonindigenous land and freshwater
snails and slugs of Hawaii, to supplement the recently published catalog
of native species (published as "Bishop Museum Occasional Papers" 50).

        Many of the products of Hawaii Biological Survey, including many
of the databases supporting papers published here, are available on our
Internet World Wide Web and gopher servers. Products currently available
include taxonomic authority files (species checklists for terrestrial
arthropods, flowering plants, non-marine snails, Foraminifera, and
vertebrates), bibliographic databases (vascular plants, non-marine
snails, and insects), specimen databases (fungi, fish, portions of the
insect collection) and type specimens (entomology; botany including algae
and fungi; and vertebrate zoology), collections data (lists of holdings
for select groups of flies), detailed information and/or images (the
endemic damselfly genus Megalagrion, the Peregrine Falcon, and others),
and staff and publication lists. Additional reference databases include
the list of insect and spider collections of the world (based on Arnett,
Samuelson & Nishida, 1993, Insect and spider collections of the world)
with links to web pages where known. The Internet addresses are:

Hawaii Biological Survey Home Page

Bishop Museum Entomology Home Page

Hawaii Biological Survey Databases

Insect and Spider Collections of the World Home Page

Hawaii Biological Survey gopher databases:

        The "Records" were partially supported by a grant from the John D.
and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Many of the new records reported
here resulted from curatorial projects funded by the National Science
Foundation and field surveys funded by U.S. Geological Survey Biological
Resources Division (formerly National Biological Service), U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of Defense Legacy Program, and the
Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

        The "Records" may be purchased from Bishop Museum Press, 1525
Bernice Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817, USA.

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